ETP – Overview

Embed the Pathway has arrived in Cornwall.


The resource given to schools is a pre-planned block of 8 sessions and focuses on four key areas of development; Game (RL), Movement, Coachability & Mental Attributes.

The ethos of Embed the Pathway is a unique approach to athlete development, and we encourage any teachers in Cornwall to get in touch and book a place on any of our CPD’s. The CPD’s and the resources are provided completely free of charge. They last about two hours and there is a small practical element to the session.

The resource has been written and developed by professional Rugby League coaches and feedback from our CPD’s is engaging, informative and teachers can clearly see how Rugby League can fit into their school and provide them with something else to get students active, all year round.

Club Secretary Rob Butland is also our Development Manager, and if you have any questions at all about how you might like to experience Rugby League in your school or club then do not hesitate to contact him via